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When it's a desk organiser of course!

We recently posted a video of Susan Foote's beautiful completed journal project. Here is another one of her projects using the left over elements from the Journal Project Pack.

The Journal Project Pack comes with over 150 elements, more than enough to fill the journal. Susan Foote's desk organiser is a fabulous example of what you can create with the elements you have left over.

Thank you once again for sharing this Susan.

You can see more pictures and full details of the Journal Project Pack here.

Cathie and Mel x

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

These beautifully hand drawn Dinky Pinky stamps are a super addition to your crafty stash.

Dinky definition: Attractively small and neat.

They are certainly attractive, not so small at around 70mm x 50mm. Neat? Most definitely, with all the exquisite detail and quality that you've come to expect from Pink Ink Designs. Most importantly, it rhymes perfectly with 'Pinky'!

But there's more, they are exclusive! Each of our new stamp sets launched from today will come with one of these beautiful Dinky Pinky stamps but only when bought from our on-line shop. Worth £5.99 but free to you.

The first three released today are The Butterfly, No. 1, which comes with the 'Duck and Disorderly' stamp set. The Badger, No. 2, which comes with the 'Goatally Gorgeous' stamp set. And lastly, but by no means least, No.3, The Wren, which comes with 'Magnipheasant' stamp set.

So keep a look out for No.4 and beyond. We have so many ideas and we can't wait to share them with you.

Cathie and Mel x

P.S. Don't forget to share your creations on our Facebook group pinkinkers We love seeing all your work.


There's a lot of excitement in the farmyard with the arrival of three new stamps.

Today sees the launch of three more Farmyard themed stamps from Pink Ink Designs: 'Duck & Disorderly', 'Magnipheasant' and 'Goatally Gorgeous'.

All three stamp sets are, as always, hand illustrated, full of character, beautifully detailed, and include lots of extra elements to add to your project.

This launch also sees the introduction of our new Dinky Pinky stamps. All of our new stamps, bought from our on-line shop, will now include a Dinky Pinky, worth £4.99.

You'll find the Duck, Pheasant and Goat stamps on the NEW page here whilst they find their feet (or hooves). We really hope you like them as much as we do. A big thank you to our design team who have created some fabulous samples.

Cathie and Mel x

P.S. Don't forget to share your creations on our Facebook group pinkinkers We love seeing all your work.


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