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Welcome to Pink Ink Designs, a brand founded by the talented duo, Cathie Shuttleworth and Mel Dickson. Pink Ink Designs started its journey with a range of hand-drawn printed fabric designs, which quickly progressed to include clear stamp sets due to popular demand from their loyal fans. Since then, the brand has expanded to include an extensive portfolio of colouring media, stencils, decorative papers, rice papers, and die sets.

Cathie and Mel are passionate about producing beautifully illustrated, unique designs. They curate each product carefully, ensuring that it meets their high standards for quality and creativity. While they have recently transferred the business to craft giant Creative Expressions to achieve a better work-life balance, Cathie and Mel remain the creative force behind the brand. They will continue designing and curating products, while Creative Expressions handles sales and marketing.

With the full weight of Creative Expressions' expertise Pink Ink Designs is poised to reach new heights while remaining true to its roots. 

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