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Cathie has been commercially illustrating with pencil and paper for 40 years, but only 2 years ago invested in a digital tablet and has never looked back. We have created a 4 minute time lapse video of 'The Oriental Princess' illustration which we started in 2020, it took nearly 10 hours of drawing and 19,000 individual strokes, please follow the link to see how it was done.

You can see more details about the stamp and purchase here

Hope you enjoy it, C and M x


We thought we'd share the story of how these beautiful stamps came about.

We are delighted that the new Women of the World series of stamps have been so well received. The collection had an unusual beginning as it started with a message we received from Tracy Falconer.

Tracy loves crafting and has been a crafter for many years. However, as a woman of colour, she feels unrepresented in the crafting industry. As Tracy said "It is my experience that products depicting people, very rarely consist of people of colour. "

Tracy decided to write to us and a number of other companies asking if they had any intentions of depicting women of colour in future products. We were one of two companies she heard back from.

We sent some drafts to Tracy so that she could offer her opinion before production. She was very pleased,"I was very keen to see what they had produced – well it was no surprise to me to see the images, they were stunning."

Cathie and Mel x

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These stunning stamps are available from today.

These beautiful new stamps celebrate the strength and beauty of some of our fabulous women in this world. They are all hand illustrated, as always, and enable you to create amazing projects, big or small.

There are four sets; Spirit Warrior, Oriental Princess, Mahirani Siren and African Queen. They all have additional themed elements which will give you an opportunity for adding more beautiful detail including 3d effects.

We are currently running an introductory promotion with £1.50 off each stamp set. This will end on Monday 29th March 2021 (UK time) so don't miss it. And don't forget you get a free Dinky Pinky stamp with each of these stamp sets when bought from our online shop.

For a more detailed description take a look at the 'NEW' section, here, or click on the images.

Cathie and Mel x

P.S. Don't forget to share your creations on our Facebook group pinkinkers We love seeing all your work.