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Anchors Aweigh: Pink Ink Designs' Nautical Bliss Collection Makes Waves!

Welcome to the splashy launch of Pink Ink Designs' latest sea-inspired collection that's sure to make a wave in the creative ocean! Today, we're unveiling seven stunning new products that are a must-have for every craft enthusiast who loves a touch of the sea breeze in their creations.

Three French Hens Christmas Stamp set by Pink Ink Designs

The Podfather

This majestic stamp set is an ode to the gentle giants of the sea. With intricately designed whales that seem to swim right off your page, this set will have you crafting oceanic tales as vast as the blue itself.

Mouserella Christmas Stamp set by Pink Ink Designs

Seas The Day

Dive into the details with this seahorse-themed stamp set. From the curl of their tails to the swirl of the sea around them, these stamps are perfect for projects that call for elegance and a hint of mystery.

Two Turtle Doves Christmas Stamp set by Pink Ink Designs


Immerse yourself in the underwater realm where mermaids whisper among the swaying seaweed. Mira captures the alluring intersection of marine grace and the lushness of the ocean's gardens. It's an aquatic fantasy ripe for exploration, beckoning you to bring its mystical depths to life on your next creative endeavour.

Capricorn and Gemini Sisters

The stars have aligned for the final reveal in our Astrology series with these two zodiac beauties. Capricorn brings a mermaid with a twist, adorned with starfish and ocean waves, while Gemini Sisters offers a more feminine touch to the previously released equine theme. These stamps are a tribute to the celestial sea and the stars above.

Two Turtle Doves Christmas Stamp set by Pink Ink Designs

And let's not forget our two new stencils that are sure to become your go-to for creating textured backgrounds and layered effects:

Two Turtle Doves Christmas Stamp set by Pink Ink Designs


This stencil is a tribute to the undulating rhythm of the ocean. Use it to create dynamic backgrounds that bring the movement of the sea to your projects

Two Turtle Doves Christmas Stamp set by Pink Ink Designs

Ocean Twirls

With a design as mesmerizing as the ocean's depths, this stencil is perfect for adding a sophisticated swirl to your artwork.

Every stamp and stencil is a call to unleash your creativity with a splash of ink and a dash of imagination. Whether you're crafting cards, creating custom fabrics, or designing mixed media masterpieces, these products are designed to inspire and delight.

So, anchor down, set sail, and let your art 'Seas The Day' with Pink Ink Designs' latest collection. Remember, in the world of crafting, there's no such thing as too much whimsy – only the joy of creating something truly unique.

Special Launch Offer

For a limited time, you can enjoy a special promotional price for these stamp sets on our website until Thursday 16th November at 5 PM GMT. Don't miss this exclusive offer to own these exquisite creations at an unbeatable value. Plus, for every A5 stamp purchased directly from our website, you'll receive a Dinky Pinky of your choice—a delightful treat to amplify your crafting experience!

Celebrate and Create: Pink Ink Designs' 8th Birthday Bash on Create and Craft!

And just when you thought the tide had brought in all its treasures, we have a sensational splash to share! Tune in to Create and Craft for not one, but two live demonstrations showcasing our newly launched products on Friday, 17th November. Join us at 1 pm and again at 5 pm for a special celebration of Pink Ink Designs' 8th birthday!

During these shows, you'll not only get to see The Podfather, Seas The Day, Capricorn, Gemini Sisters, Mira, Waves, and Ocean Twirls in action, but you'll also be a part of our birthday extravaganza. And what's a party without gifts? With every purchase made during the shows, you'll receive an exclusive giveaway (one per person, while stocks last) - our treat to you as we toast to eight wonderful years of creativity and inspiration.

The delight doesn't stop there! The talented duo, Cathie and Mel, will be back at the crafting table, bringing their expertise and joy to the screen. It's the perfect time to complete your collection too, with the chance to snap up the entire Astrology series and our cherished nautical-themed stamps.

But wait, there's more! Add a shimmer to your projects with Stardust mica powder, let your colors flow with Ink It water-based inks, and add dimension with Spread It texture paste.

So mark your calendars, set your sails, and join us for a crafting journey that celebrates the artistry and imagination that Pink Ink Designs has been honoured to share with you over the past eight years. Let's make it a birthday to remember!

Your Pink Ink Designs Team x

P.S. Come and share your creations on our Facebook group pinkinkers We love seeing all your work.


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