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How To Create A Beautiful Sympathy Card Using Pink Ink Designs Angelus Stamp Set

Here's a step by step account of how the card in this video was created.

Step #1 - Stamping Out

First of all I stamped the hero image onto Bockingford Watercolour Card. This card is particularly good for stamping on as it's hot pressed. This means it has a smooth surface, perfect for stamping on because you don't lose any detail. I used Versafine Clair Ink (Nocturne) to stamp the image as I'm going to use water-based paints to colour the image. This pigment ink won't bleed when using water based products and is also great for detailed stamps like this Angelus Stamp Set by Pink Ink Designs.

I used a Vaessen Creative stamping platform so that I can stamp the image again, after colouring, without the worry of the card moving and creating a double stamp. Using stencil tape, in addition to the magnets, also helps to keep it in place.

Step #2 - Colouring In

I used Pink Ink Designs Multi Purpose Paint to colour the image. This is a versatile water based paint with a touch of shimmer from the mica content. It is also very concentrated so that a little goes a long way. I'm using it as a watercolour in this project, starting light then adding layers to the areas I want darker. Pink Ink Designs stamps are great for the novice as they guide you to where the shadows should be. Just add a little more paint in these areas and the jobs done. For the angel's dress I used Aubergine Dazzle, her wings and hair were painted using Summer Sunrise and Spiced Pumpkin. I then stamped the image again, once dry, and cut her out.

Step #3 - The Background

To create the background I first damped a piece of Bockingford Watercolout Card then, using plenty of water and a soft paint brush, added some watered down Inky Blue multi-purpose paint. I splashed with more water and added more colour until I achieved the look I was aiming for. Splashing water whilst the card is still pretty wet creates a softer affect. If you leave it to dry a little, but not too much, then splash with water creates a more defined watermark. Play around with this technique, it's such fun. Once it was fully dry I splashed on some white and more Inky blue to create a bit of texture.

Step #4 - Next Layer

I stamped the Angelus image onto the background once it was completely dry. The image wasn't perfect but the areas where I hadn't pressed properly will be hidden. This is where a stamping platform comes into it's own, as you can stamp again to create the perfect image. I wasn't stamping on a flat surface which is why I missed a bit. If you experience this, just move the platform to a different position and that normally does the trick.

I added some Summer Sunrise to the stars and halo then created some depth by adding Inky Blue around the edges of the angel.

Step #5 - Putting It All Together

Pink Ink Designs stamps always have fabulous worker stamps in the set to add depth, interest and composition to your projects. I added a sentiment and clouds to the background then, using foam tape, added the Angel to the card. The final touch was to create a frame around the image. To do this I used a folded piece of paper instead of a ruler. This is perfect if you don't want a harsh straight line but you're not confident to go freehand.

Stunning But Oh So Simple

The beauty of this stamp set is that is makes it easy for anyone to create a lovely project filled with love and care.


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