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Introducing Pink Ink Designs' Newest Craft Stamps Collection

Hello, craft enthusiasts!

Today marks an exciting day for all of us here at Pink Ink Designs and, we hope, for each and every one of you. We are absolutely thrilled to unveil our latest collection of hand-drawn craft stamps that promise to transport you to realms of enchantment, wonder, and the mysteries of the cosmos.

Enter the Whimsical World of Fairies

Our new collection celebrates the magic and mystique of fairies. Here’s a sneak peek into this world:

Three French Hens Christmas Stamp set by Pink Ink Designs

Puss In Boots Stamp Set

Immerse yourself in the playful tale of a dancing fairy, charmingly dressed as Puss In Boots. With intricate wings and a swishing tail, she's all set to make your projects dance to her tunes. Plus, additional elements like cheeky cats and delicate paws are sure to amplify the enchantment.

Mouserella Christmas Stamp set by Pink Ink Designs

Moon Fairy

Light up your crafts with the serene glow of our Moon Fairy. Perched gracefully on a crested moon with her delicate wings, she's a dream come true for fairy lovers. And with bonus fairy and star stamps, your nights are sure to be starry and bright.

Two Turtle Doves Christmas Stamp set by Pink Ink Designs


A bewitching blend of elegance and magic, Giselle, with her witch’s hat and mesmerizing wings, promises to cast a spell on all your crafty creations. Add in the eerie bats and jolly pumpkins, and you've got the perfect concoction for enchanting projects.

Leo astrology zodiac stamp set by Pink Ink Designs

Journey to the Stars with Libra

Our 'Astrology' series is expanding, and we’re over the moon (pun intended) to introduce 'Libra'. Dive deep into the zodiac's world with this beautifully detailed stamp, showcasing a figure with long, flowing hair, embodying the harmonious nature of Libra with her balancing scales. The added elements of the sun and moon will further let you chart your course through the constellations.

Special Promotion On Our New Craft Stamps

In celebration of this launch, get £1.50 off each new stamp set until 5 pm (BST) on Friday the 18th of August! Plus, don’t forget that you get 1 Dinky Pinky of your choice when bought from our website.

Lou Sims Takes Over Create and Craft TV!

Mark your calendars for an unmissable session on Create and Craft this Sunday, 20th August at 4 pm and 8 pm (BST)! The talented Lou Sims will be gracing your screens, bringing these magnificent stamps from Pink Ink Designs to life. Not just a demonstration, but an artistic journey where Lou shares her extensive knowledge and wisdom on the art of crafting. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just dipping your toes into the world of stamping, Lou's insights and techniques are not to be missed. Tune in and prepare to be inspired, educated, and thoroughly entertained!

Your Pink Ink Designs Team x

P.S. Come and share your creations on our Facebook group pinkinkers We love seeing all your work.


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