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Pink Ink Designs Launches Enchanting New Stamps for Christmas and Astrology Range Today!

Hello, craft enthusiasts!

Today is the day we've all been waiting for - 27th June. Pink Ink Designs is thrilled to announce the launch of our enchanting new stamp sets. Whether you’re looking for stamps for Christmas cards or adding a celestial touch to your projects with our astrology range, we've got you covered!

Christmas Stamps 2023

Our new collection of Christmas stamps for crafting is perfect for adding that magical touch to your festive projects. Hand-drawn with love and intricacy, these stamp sets will take your Christmas card-making to another level.

Three French Hens Christmas Stamp set by Pink Ink Designs

Three French Hens Stamp

This stamp set elevates the humble hen into a whimsical work of art. Each hen is drawn with a distinctive character, their faces exuding a heart-warming combination of charm and cheer. Their plumes are delicately crafted, with each wispy feather lending an enchanting touch to the design. These French hens, in all their festive spirit, make an essential addition to your Christmas crafting collection.

Mouserella Christmas Stamp set by Pink Ink Designs

Mouserella Stamp

Meet Mouserella, the glamorous mouse, ready to decorate her home with festive joy. This Christmas stamp set features Mouserella carrying a basket brimming with delightful Christmas items. She's adding a playful and chic touch to infuse a heartwarming festive ambiance into your craftwork.

Two Turtle Doves Christmas Stamp set by Pink Ink Designs

Two Turtle Doves Stamp

The Two Turtle Doves set captures the grace and beauty of these elegant birds with their tail feathers exquisitely entwined. Perfect for romantic and serene Christmas cards.

Christmas Tree stamp set by Pink Ink Designs

Oh Christmas Tree Stamp

This is not just any Christmas tree stamp. Adorned with heart-shaped baubles, delicate ribbons, and intricately detailed ornaments, this stamp set provides all the elements to design the quintessential Christmas scene in your projects.

Partridge in a pear tree Christmas stamp set by Pink Ink Designs

Partridge In A Pear Tree Stamp

A creative spin on the classic carol, this set features an adorable partridge nestled amongst beautifully decorated pears. An exquisite touch to your festive crafts.

Christ-mouse Express Christmas stamp set by Pink Ink Designs

Christ-Mouse Express Stamp

Chug into the Christmas season with the Christ-Mouse Express! This detailed train, led by a cute mouse, is full of presents and festive fun, perfect for any Christmas project.

Pink Ink Designs Astrology Stamps

Dive into the stars with our astrology-themed stamp sets. These Pink Ink Designs clear stamps are the latest addition to our Zodiac range.

Leo astrology zodiac stamp set by Pink Ink Designs

Leo Stamp

Our Leo stamp embodies the grandeur and majesty of the lion, merged seamlessly with an elegant female portrait. Ideal for projects seeking a dash of courage and authenticity, this Zodiac stamp set certainly stands out.

Virgo astrology zodiac stamp set by Pink Ink Designs

Virgo Stamp

The Virgo stamp captures the gentle and caring qualities of this sign with a beautifully drawn young girl. Her soft, caring expression is perfect for adding a touch of kindness to your crafts.

Special Promotion On Our New Stamps

In celebration of this launch, get £1.50 off each new stamp set until 5 pm on the 30th of June! Plus, don’t forget that you get 1 Dinky Pinky of your choice when bought from our website.

Save The Date

The lovely Leonie is set to highlight these fabulous new stamps on Create and Craft on the 3rd of July at 3 pm and 7 pm. Don't miss out as she offers dazzling presentations and an abundance of expert advice to help you fully utilize your new Pink Ink Designs treasures.

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Your Pink Ink Designs Team x

P.S. Come and share your creations on our Facebook group pinkinkers We love seeing all your work.


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